Who we work with

At CHR we work exclusively with companies in the life sciences and healthcare sectors, from the world’s largest pharmaceutical and medical device companies through to biotechs and NGOs.

Our work spans the product lifecycle from early development, through to product launch, commercialisation and lifecycle management. Generics and Biosimilars team surrounding loss of exclusivity.

We work with clients at three different levels: individual projects, on-going support and strategic partnership.

CHR adds value through the evaluation of competitor activity, intent and capabilities, combined with a deep understanding of therapeutic area dynamics. Our experience in understanding key trends in prescriber, regulator, and payer environments enables our clients to make key decisions from an optimally informed position.

We work with a range of client stakeholders across different therapeutic and business areas including:

Brand teams

Competitive and business intelligence

Analytics and insight groups

Leadership and portfolio

Business development

Clinical development

Here are some examples of challenges where we have helped our clients:

Discovery and Development

  • What assets/ companies offer us the potential for asset in-licensing or partnerships?
  • How do competitor Phase 2 and Phase 3 clinical trial designs compare and what does this tell us about their potential product positioning?


  • How can we optimise our launch and commercialisation strategy to successfully build market share in an established market?
  • How do our timelines compare to other competitors in Phase 3 development and what positioning strategy are they pursuing?
  • What is the positioning strategy of our in-market competitors and how is the clinical data translating into their messaging platform? How do we compare and what are our gaps?

Lifecycle Management

  • What future Mode of Actions (MoAs) will threaten our market share
  • What is the timeline and where can our product remain relevant/ strong?
  • What are the competitive threats to launching an established product in a new indication?
  • What is the blueprint for success that our competitors are using to enhance the value of products?

Loss of Exclusivity (LoE)(BSM)

  • What is the intent, capabilities, and potential market share of new and existing competitors pursuing complex generics?
  • What are the partnership dynamics, differentiation, commercialisation and distribution models of competitor generic products?