Our Commitment to Society

Business is not just about revenues and profits, companies need to leverage their resources and experience to have a real and positive impact on society and the environment. At CHR we are fully committed to driving this positive change and we want all our employees to build amazing careers whilst having a real and tangible impact on society and the environment, not just through the work that we deliver to our clients but also through our investment in a wide range of CSR activities, which reflect both our corporate and their personal values.

Edward, Matteo and Max

Because we love the work we do as a healthcare consulting firm and are passionate about influencing positive change to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all

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Because our planet is our home, we are committed to doing our part to protect, restore and promote environmental sustainability from inside our organization out to the community

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Because we believe that seeking knowledge and excellence is the path for unlocking value in ourselves and in others, leading to a fairer and empowered society

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Because we value our team diversity and believe our strength is built from unique individuals overcoming Team's stories; we strive to promote equal opportunities for all

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Supporting our Team

Charity Gift Matching Scheme
Perfect Match

Physical and Mental Health Scheme

Team Training Scheme
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